Title Construction Kit
Volume One 'Classic'

Contains both HD & SD (16:9 and 4:3)
$169.95 NTSC or PAL

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Unleash your Creativity!

ShowStoppersFX has raised the bar for write-on Animated Titles, make sure you don't settle for second best.

Creating words from individual characters gives you the flexibility to be creative in how the word is written. For example, you could make the first letter larger than normal and perhaps on a lower baseline than the rest of the letters in the word. You can determine if the word is written on to the screen as “raw” characters or written by a pen, written by one of three particle effects or written by a magic wand and a particle effect. You can also use your NLE controls to change the color of the characters and the speed the words are written.

We also supply pen and magic wand stills so that you can start your title animation with the pen/wand moving on to the screen to write the text. You can complete the writing of the title by fading out the pen/wand, moving it off of the screen or moving it to a “resting” position.

You also have flexibility in the configuration - justification of the words in the title which allows you to “optimize” your title for 4:3 or 16:9 applications, for use on a single line or as a multiple line title or to have them work with PIP effects like those supplied in our Wedding Collection series.

The characters use a nice gold gradient that you can easily change using the color controls in your NLE if you so choose.



Here is a demo showing the characters being scaled & positioned, speeded up and colored, all using the standard controls found in most NLE's.
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Previous to this exciting new product it could take a team of After Effects experts 6 months to generate a set of titles with the write-on effect but with our Animation Construction Kits you can make self writing animated titles in minutes! In addition you can optionally add the pen, particle effects and/or wand animations, all with very little extra time and effort!

Yes, it's true! Now you can create elegant animated titles that write themselves onto the screen using YOUR OWN WORDS!

In this product we have supplied a total of 85 animated characters in a beautiful scripted font, including the entire alphabet in both lower and upper case, numbers 0 through 9, punctuation and accents.We have also supplied 5 animated overlays for each of the 85 animated characters.

The 6 accent characters allow you to create words and titles in many languages other than English.

Using these you can create animated self writing words with 8 variations of how the word is written. From a set of animated words you can then build an animated title in various configurations.

ShowStoppersFX "Classic"
  • Includes HD & SD (4:3 & 16:9)
  • Generate your own choice of words.
  • 6 accent animations for Western European languages such as Spanish, French, German, etc to be created.
  • Justify the words the way you want.
  • Alpha channel transparency, place over any video.
  • Fully scalable in size.
  • Position anywhere on the screen.
  • 3 styles of particle effects plus wand and pen animations.
  • Attractive gold gradient to characters with soft drop shadow.
  • The color of the characters and the particle effects can be changed as desired.
  • Save your favorite words, build a library as you use it!

Be aware that other animated title products currently on sale elsewhere are either not available in PAL, have simple text with no optional pens or other effects, don't allow you to generate your own words or to justify the words the way you want to on the screen or are composited with a motion background meaning you cannot place the title over your own video or motion background nor can you change the words nor their position and size on screen.

Unleash your creativity with ShowStoppersFX's Animation Construction Kits and dazzle your clients with customized write-on Animated Titles. We believe you will find applications for this product in your wedding, anniversary, birthday, tribute, retirement and other event videos and photo montages.

"WAY TO COOLLLLLL!!!", "Less than 15 minutes out of the box and I have a great looking animation!!!!!!!, GREAT JOB, thank you"

" PS-Guess I still need to read the PDF file :)"
....Terry S.

"I started building customized title animations in FCP and am really enjoying it, the quality is totally great"... Earl B.

"I started using the Animation
Construction Kit that I bought from you and I love it! The results are very impressive with
very expensive production looks" ... Junn L.


"this is exactly what I was looking for to add to my business tools ... this will really make my
slide shows stand out from the others" .... Dave C.

Compatible with..

Adobe Premiere Pro 2, CS3, CS4, CS5 & CS6
Adobe Premiere Elements 2, 3, 4, 7 & 9
Adobe After Effects (all)
Grass Valley Edius Pro 7
Sony Vegas Pro (not Movie Studio)
Final Cut Pro

Includes step by step PDF Instruction Guides for the following NLE's.. Premiere Elements 3/4/9, Premiere Pro 2 plus supplements covering Premiere CS4 and CS6. There are also guides for Edius Pro 7 and Sony Vegas.


Premiere, Vegas & Final Cut
QuickTime Lossless PNG video and Targa stills

Edius Pro 7
Grass Valley HQ avi and Targa stills

"As you might know I have had ShowStopperFX for several years, and have used it in many of my projects.
Your stock titles have covered most of my needs, but I always wanted to be able to personalize each project. Now with your Construction Kit there is no limit as to what I want to say. I have already used it on three of my current projects and one was not a wedding. My only problem is that I want to use it more than I should. I don't want to lose the WOW!!! By over using it. The software is straight forward and simple to use.
ShowStoppersFX is a great product and now with the Construction Kit it is Fantastic!!!"
...Charles B

INCLUDES these pre built (ready to use) word animations to get you started.. The - Our - of - Wedding - Day - Bride - Groom - Beginning - End - Reception - Honeymoon - Anniversary - Cake - Ceremony - Departure - Party

How does it work?

In no time at all you can assemble the word "Our", save the animation into your ever growing collection of useful words and start on the next word. Then simply place your completed word animations in a new project to create your animated title.

Here are some screenshot's taken from the timeline of Premiere - the principle is just the same for other NLE's.

Animations "O", "u" and "r" are followed by the supplied matching stills, these extend the time the characters stay on screen.

In this timeline are two previously saved word animation positioned to make the write-on animated title "OUR WEDDING".

You can scale, color and position these words as you like. In a 16:9 project you might like to make the most of the screen width as here..

or you may prefer to position the words differently..


You can have the word "Our" written out with the pen simply by adding the pen animations on a higher video track, directly above each character.


In a similar fashion you can easily have the word "Our" written with a magic wand and one of the three styles of particle effects.



Regarding Apple's Final Cut Pro, we don't have a dedicated construction guide for this NLE but we do have an information sheet which in conjunction with the Premiere guide has allowed FCP customers to successfully use our title kits.