Wedding Collection Pro

For HD and SD productions
$199.95 NTSC or PAL


overview motion backgrounds masks and overlays self writing words

This demo uses 2 motion backgrounds, some animated words to create the write on titles, an animated oval overlay, some particle effects and two confetti animations. You can view all animations supplied with Wedding Collection Pro individually through the above orange links.

The animations are supplied in all three formats

  • High Def

  • Std Def 16:9

  • Std Def 4:3.


ShowStoppersFX HD animations as used in Wedding Collection Pro and Title Animation Construction Kit Vols 1,2 & 3 are designed and produced in full 1920 x 1080P resolution.


20 motion backgrounds - all seamlessly loopable
72 animated overlays - alpha channel
4 confetti animations - alpha channel
45 write-on word animations - alpha channel
45 word end stills- alpha channel
2 single character animations ("a" and "A") - alpha channel
animated gold pens- alpha channel
animated particle effects- alpha channel
Gold pen still image- alpha channel

Wedding Collection Pro allows many different "looks" in your production since any motion backgrounds can be used with any of the overlay shapes and any of the animated words. This is possible through the use of the supplied black and white masks in conjunction with the track matte tool in Premiere or it's equivalent in other NLE's.

The way it works is simple, the mask is made to "cut a hole" in the motion background thus revealing the wedding footage which is below. These "holes" can be nice shapes (the supplied masks) and the footage on a lower track can be moved and/or scaled to best fit inside the mask shape.

The overlays can also be moved around and/or scaled making it easy to come up with many different "looks" compared to using the usual pre manufactured "fixed" animations that are commonly on sale elsewhere.

Word animations can be dropped onto the timeline to form complete animated titles. Some suggested titles you can construct with the supplied words are as follows,

A Day to Remember
A New Beginning
A Special Day
After Dinner Speeches
First Dance
Our Arrival
Our Cards
Our Ceremony
Our Departure
Our Engagement
Our Engagement Party
Our Gifts
Our Honeymoon
Our Love Story
Our First Dance
Our Photos
Our Reception
Our Wedding
Our Wedding Day
Special Memories
The Arrival
The Arrival of the Bride
The Bride
The Bridesmaids
The Beginning
The Bouquet
The Cake
The Cards
The Departure
The End
The Engagement Party
The Family of the Bride
The Family of the Groom
The Garter
The Gifts
The Groom
The Honeymoon
The Preparations
The Photos
The Photo Session
The Preparations
The Reception
The Rehearsal
The Rehearsal Dinner
The Speeches
The Toast
The Wedding Party
Wedding Day Memories
Wedding Messages

Word animations can have a particle effect and/or a gold writing pen added if desired.

If you want to make your own self writing words eg: the names of the bride and groom you can do this easily with one of our Title Animation Construction Kits, (see product menu at top of page).

NLE Compatibility

Compatible with
Adobe Premiere Pro 2, CS3, CS4, CS5 & CS6
Adobe Premiere Elements 2, 3, 4, 7 & 9
Grass Valley Edius Pro 7
Sony Vegas Pro (not Movie Studio)
Final Cut Pro


Premiere, Vegas & Final Cut
QuickTime Lossless PNG video and Targa stills

Edius Pro 7
Grass Valley HQ avi and Targa stills



Adobe Premiere CS4

(also covers Premiere CS6)

Sony Vegas

Edius Pro 7

Edius 5