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Re-constructing the demo video using Premiere CS4

We shall construct this in two parts, this is part one, the section containing the title animation will be in part two.

We are working in an NTSC SD 16:9 widescreen project.

Import the wedding footage together with the required animations.

Check the project window and ensure the imported items are correctly interpreted as 1.2121 pixel aspect ratio (16:9).



The mask will require manual intervention to reset it's pixel aspect ratio to widescreen since TGA stills don't carry a widescreen flag.

Right click on the mask in the project window and select Interpret Footage from the pop up menu.

Change the PAR to 16:9 1.2121.


Place the motion background on track 1, the wedding footage above it on track 2 followed by the black and white mask on track 3.

Turn off the eye for track 3.

Add the overlay animation to track 4 and it's matching particle effect animation to track 5.


The mask works in conjunction with the track matte Key. You will find this in the Video Effects palette under 'Keying'.

Drag the track matte key from the effects window onto the wedding footage in the timeline.

With the wedding footage in the timeline selected, go to the effect Controls.

For the track matte control select Video 3 for matte and Matte Luma for composite setting.

The motion background should now appear in the area around the mask shape.

Positioning with the Motion controls.

The wedding couple were originally not quite in the best position on screen to fit perfectly inside the overlay shape but this is no problem. We moved the wedding footage to the left using the motion control, a similar adjustment was made to the mask position.

The motion controls let you place any element anywhere on screen so the layout is very flexible.

If you want to you can move the couple and the overlay complete with particle effect completely to the right hand side of the screen as shown below.

tip: you can copy and paste motion settings from one element to another, example the overlay and it's matching particle effect. just highlight the word 'Motion' in the effect palette, press control C to copy the motion settings, then select the other item on the timeline and paste the motion settings with Control V.

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