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Re-constructing the demo video using Avid Liquid 7

Go to the project window and import the wedding footage followed by the motion background animation wb010.

Import the mask.

This is a still image. We only want a single mask (mask_106) so ensure 'Autodetect animations' box is unchecked to avoid opening all of them.

The checkbox is bottom left in the dialog window.

Next, import the overlay ov_016 followed by it's gold particle effect pfx_016.

For technical reasons the overlay animations supplied for use with Liquid are of the image sequence type.

Here's how to import them.

Browse to the animation folder, inside there will be lots of separate still images numbered sequentially.

Make sure 'Autodetect animations" is checked.

Select/highlight the first animation in the sequence and press OK.

Liquid will automatically open all the sequentially numbered frames into the project window as a single animation.

Now all the items are in the project window


We are working in a PAL SD 16:9 widescreen project. To ensure the imported items are interpreted correctly, right click them one by one in the project window and examine their properties. Change any settings if needed.


Here are the clip properties for the motion background wb_010, it's also the same for mask_016. No alpha channel in these two.

Here are the clip properties for overlay ov_106 and the same for particle effect pfx_016.

Wedding Collection Pro overlays are 32 bit with alpha channel so for this type of animation be sure to always check 'Use image alpha'.


Begin building the timeline by adding the wedding footage to track 1.

Right click on track 2,
select 'Add Matte track'

The matte track is colored green.

Add the mask to this matte track.

Drag Track Matte CPU from the Editors FX folder onto the mask in the timeline.


A purple line above the mask indicates it now carries the Track Matte CPU effect.


Next, add wb_010 motion background to track 2.

To complete the timeline, add ov_016 overlay to track 3 and it's gold particle effect pfx_016 to track 4.

Overview Vegas Tutorial Page 1 Liquid Tutorial Page 2 Liquid Tutorial Page 3 Liquid Tutorial Page 4